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To start you off on your roulette odyssey we’ve thrown together an overview of the game. We crafted this guide so that you can begin to understand all the basics regarding the exciting game of roulette. This part of our website covers all the general information about roulette, the historical roots of this wonderful game in all its glory, and also a glossary of roulette terms that were designed to make sure you’re never caught out at the roulette table because you don’t know a certain word or term.

So why would you need to know all this kind of information? Well like everything in this day and age, the more you know about any given subject, the better chance you have of mastering that subject quickly and effectively. You will then begin to better understand how all the little nuances of the game of roulette work together, and from this, you can create or apply strategies that in the end can be used to make you some big-time money!

Right now it’s simply time to relax with a glass of something particularly fruity and take all the information from this section in with no distractions. It’s important that you read through our general guide carefully as it does contain some very important info that could help tip the balance during your recreational gambling sessions. Most of all it gives you time to reflect on the reason why you enjoy playing roulette so much in the first place, because it’s exciting, challenging, and above all else extremely rewarding when played in the correct manner. Players based in the UK or with GBP currency should head over to this link to get online roulette to play for free.

The History of Roulette

In this section of our roulette website we want to delve deeply into the mysterious world of roulette. How better to start off doing this than by giving you some great background information and introducing the exciting story of the game that you’re going to be playing in all its wondrous glory!

The story of roulette is really quite interesting as it was from an accident that the wheel used in the game was invented. It was never intended to be for a gambling game but for an advanced science experiment conducted by a very famous French scientist. Who was he? You’ll have to wait to read our feature to find out but rest assured it was from this accidental invention that the game of roulette was born.

Make no mistake, it’s never been an easy ride for roulette throughout the years, it’s the gaming equivalent of a real-life hobo, moving from country to country but never really having a home of its own. It was even associated with Devil Worship at the time when it was invented because of certain numerical totals that surround the game. Poor little roulette! Well not to worry because these days roulette has managed to claw back its reputation and sits proudly in the top 5 games of the casino gaming tree. This is for good reason as well, because roulette is one of the most exciting games you can play at any casino, land-based or online. It also is one of the highest odds playing games, so have a read of the opportunity the game allows.

A Glossary of Terms for Roulette

Do you know what the ‘En Prison Rule’ means? Would you be able to explain what the ‘inside bets’ in a game of roulette actually are? Do you want to play roulette but are weary you might make mistakes because you don’t know all the associated game terms?

Not to worry! At we understand how annoying it can be when you begin to play a new game and are unfamiliar with all the in-game terms and associated gaming phrases. If you’re confounded by all the technical jargon that surrounds the game there can be nothing worse when trying to learn how to play it than to be hindered simply because of a different type of language barrier. Failing to understand critical information can be detrimental to your game and we don’t want that do we! When we began writing guides for roulette we had this in our minds as one of the most important things to do, so we decided to create a glossary of roulette rules/terms in order to give you a good overview of all the in-game terminology before you go play for real at a land-based or online casino.

Creating a glossary or dictionary is never an easy task in itself but we believe that we’ve put together a concise and informative list of all the most commonly used phrases and terminology in roulette games today, though we must also thank our colleagues at for their expertise. You will be able to use the information contained within this glossary no matter which variant of roulette you choose to play on. This is useful for new players as they are able to try out all the different variants of roulette in the knowledge that they’re armed with all the necessary information about the game they’re about to play.

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