Roulette Strategy

Strategy Strategy

As with many popular casino games available at land based or online casinos, roulette is an easy game to play at the beginning, but can be a difficult game to master over time because it is a game of pure chance. Like most games of chance however there are some applicable strategies that you can utilize in order to maximise your bankroll and minimise your loses in the hope of having more funds available to hit a big enough win eventually. You need to understand the mechanics behind the game in order to try to profit from it, blind luck is a factor too but having knowledge of tactics is key in anything, whether it’s casino games or sports games etc. It’s only through this kind of knowledge that you stand a chance or understanding the nuances in the game enough to know when an action is worth playing or not.

So with this in mind we offer an insight into some of the most applicable strategies in the game of roulette. In our guides we will look at the different variants of roulette and how they compare against each other. We will also go through some in depth betting tips for when you begin to play roulette for real.

Roulette Game Variants

In order to better understand the game as a whole it’s always a good idea to understand the different variants of the game so that no matter which you come up against, you’ll always have the knowledge of what to do in the game and from this you have the advantage from the off. In roulette the differences between variants can be literally all sorts of things. It can be anything from how the chips are used in the betting stages of the game, to how many numbers are on the wheel depending on the table type that’s employed. Even some of the games table mats have subtle differences in the way they look; the position of some of the betting areas and the location of the wheel.

In our guide to the variants found in roulette you will learn all the subtle differences between each variant and from this be able to play them all quite confidently. Different variants include French roulette, the European version of roulette plus the extremely popular American roulette. We look at all of these in turn to see how to play each game and how they differ from each other despite all deriving from the same original game. This applies to the different types of roulette found in both a land based casino and an online casino. Online casino versions of roulette follow the same structure and rule set as those roulette games found at a traditional bricks and mortar establishments.

Different variants also bring with them different house edges and we explain the differences between these with regards to each variant of roulette. From this you can decide which you think is the most profitable version for you to play.

Roulette Betting Tips

Betting and winning those bets are the main objectives of this game, the same way as it is for all types of casino games of chance. In the game of roulette there are many different kinds of betting combinations or options that you can consider using during each round of the game that’s played. These bets are all designed in such a way so that they are uniquely different yet follow a common enough theme that the game is still cohesive. Each of these different betting options has a structured payout, the value of which all depends on how difficult the outcome of landing that type of bet would be. These are what are known as ‘odds’ in the gambling world.

Traditionally, bets that have a higher chance of landing, such as a choice between Red and Black (50/50) for example, would have a relatively low return. On the other hand, bets that are harder to land, such as specific combinations of numbers, would have a much higher return overall. What we try to illustrate in our betting guide is the types of bets you should make and why you should make them. There can be profits to be made when playing at roulette; you just need to know what types of bets to make and when it’s the right time to make them.

Sounds all a bit too hippy for a casino game? In general though when you think of casino games, it’s sometimes is all about the moment, how lucky you feel at that time and following your instincts. Granted that in some games like poker or blackjack, following an applicable strategy to the letter is what is required. You must play certain hands and you must bet in certain ways because it can influence your game. With roulette it’s all about chance and living in the moment, that’s what makes this game so exciting to be a part of, just ask our friends over, who scooped a handsome jackpot on the roulette table, though they put it down to strategy.

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